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Innovative School Health Programs
ent program

ENT Program

A general check up for eyes, nasal track and throat. It helps to detect abnormal vision, tonsillitis, allergies related to nasal tract, inflammations etc.

Full Body General Checkup

General checkup for Nails, Skin, Abdomen, Mouth and Teeth etc. are covered . Temperature, Posture, Signs of inflammation, Height and Weight are also part of it.

Diet And Physical Activity Program

Early signs for malnutrition or deficiency, Musculo-Skeletal abilities and posture are checked in kids at par to their age.

I-Care And Psychology

Early signs of stress and anxiety, Hyper and hypo activity, Memory and Intelligence. “I-care” a mandatory workshop run by Govt. of India to control child abuse in schools. This work shop for kids cover many topics like difference between good and bad touch, run to safety etc

Benefits to Kids

  • Reduced school absenteeism.
  • Less behavioral problems.
  • Higher Fitness Levels for Sports & Cultural activities.
  • Improves student Academic performance.
  • Positive spirit & relation between educators & students.
  • Health awareness made a part of child’s life.
  • Helps child to stay safe and protected.
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